It’s A Disaster

With the emergence of Coronavirus, we’ve noticed a great deal of Schadenfreude among airport activists across the world. Comments such as “It’s so quiet now. We should have an outbreak like this all the time!” The thing most residents forget is that we actually did twenty years ago. It was called ‘9/11’. If you look

The problem with cities

As one attempts to survey the landscape concerning the various negative impacts that the Sea-Tac Airport has foisted upon the surrounding communities, one quickly becomes aware of a black hole which I call ‘The Dark Time’–probably because I watched too many comic book movies with my kids. The Dark Time is the roughly decade-long period

Runway Use Agreement (Appendix I 2013 Part 150 Study)

Appendix I from the 2013 Part 150 Study by Landrum & Brown. A Letter Of Agreement (LOA) where the Port Of Seattle agrees to using the Third Runway primarily for overflows and bad weather. Note the very official looking signature of the Port CEO, Tay Yoshitani. Also note that it is described as an ‘informal

Port Of Seattle – Resolution No 3212

Update to Master Plan passed to enable the Third Runway construction to commence. The Commission finds that the EIS for Proposed Master Plan Update Development Actions (including the PSRC-issued EIS Addendum) is adequate and meets the requirements of the State Environmental Policy Act, Ch. 43.21C RCW. Section 2. The Comnission hereby adopts the Airport Master

Sea-Tac neighbors feel duped over 3rd-runway noise

While Port of Seattle officials said the region needed a $1 billion third runway at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport to reduce flight delays during bad weather, planes are landing on the new runway all day, every day regardless of weather. Burien residents say the constant noise is intolerable. By Sharon Pian Chan Special to The Times