This is an alpha version of a landing page for all of the studies done to quantify and qualify the various socio-economic and environmental impacts to surrounding communities by Sea-Tac Airport since 1971.

There are also sections for significant national and International studies that may have a strong connection with the situation at Sea-Tac Airport.

Sea-Tac Airport

Date N T A
Link/Title Short Description
06/30/1973 S S Environmental Systems Laboratory Air Quality Study Of Sea-Tac Airport
05/30/1991 S S Sea-Tac Airport Pollutant Contribution Dept. Of Ecology
01/31/1995 S S Final Air Quality Survey for Sea-Tac Airport Atmospheric Sciences Group McCulley, Frick & Gilman, Inc. 3400 188th Street SW, Suite 400 Lynnwood, WA 98037 An air quality survey of airborne toxic organic compounds and carbon monoxide was conducted in the vicinity of Seattle-Tacoma International (Sea-Tac) Airport Samples were collected during four late fall to early winter days in 1993 at locations
02/28/1997 S S Sea-Tac International Airport Impact Mitigation Study
1999 S S SeaTac Oxides Of Nitrogen and Particulate Matter Study
2000 S S Addressing Community Health Concerns Around Sea-Tac Airport 2000 Response to the question, “Is it possible to monitor jet engine exhaust emissions or to model their path using data on prevailing winds and takeoff patterns?” Prepared by Washington State Department of Health Washington State Department of Ecology Puget Sound Clean Air Agency In consultation with Public Health – Seattle & King County Sea-Tac Airport
10/31/2003 S S Puget Sound Air Toxics Evaluation Final Report The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency conducted this screening study to identify chemicals and emission sources that pose the greatest potential health risks to citizens in the Puget Sound region. We also hope to better characterize the potential health risks to our three million
2005 S S Seattle Greenhouse Gas Inventory Full Report
2006 S S Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Airborne Toxic Species in Seattle Neighborhoods
05/20/2009 S S Sea-Tac Airport Spatial Nitrogen Dioxide Study
10/31/2009 S S Aircraft Impacts on Local and Regional Air Quality in the United States Partner Project 15 Final Report
07/15/2015 S S Air Quality Criteria Pollution Emissions Inventory
12/21/2018 B S Beacon Hill Noise Measurement Project Summer 2018
12/01/2019 S S Mobile ObserVations of Ultrafine Particles: The MOV-UP study report


(B)eacon Hill
(F)ederal Way
(K)ing County
(S)ea-Tac Airport


Some of these papers include sampling (data collection.) Others are analyses of previous sampling. Some results are modeled (ie. based on calculations.)

(A)nalysis of existing studies
(O)riginal Research


ECY Washington State Department Of Ecology
EPA Federal Environmental Protection Agency, Region #10
ESL Environmental Systems Laboratory,  private environmental consultants
DOH Washington State Department Of Health
DOHS Seattle Department Of Health
DOHKC King County Department Of Health
MFG McCulley, Frick & Gilman, a private environmental consultants
PSCAA Puget Sound Clean Air Agency
UWDEOHS University Of Washington

National Noise