Port of Seattle Meeting

Noise Programs Briefing. SAMP Near-Term Projects Update. Sea-Tac Airport, Mezzanine Level. Free parking. The Sustainable Airport Master Plan (SAMP) is the blueprint for changes at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) to meet future demand. In addition to a Long-Term Vision, the SAMP includes more than 30 Near-Term Projects (NTP) that are planned for construction by 2027

The problem with cities

As one attempts to survey the landscape concerning the various negative impacts that the Sea-Tac Airport has foisted upon the surrounding communities, one quickly becomes aware of a black hole which I call ‘The Dark Time’–probably because I watched too many comic book movies with my kids. The Dark Time is the roughly decade-long period

Aviation Capital Planning & Preliminary Design Action Item

An update to near-term projects for the Sustainable Airport Master Plan (SAMP). Delivered at Port Of Seattle Special Meeting in Kirkland, WA. Key feature is addition of Glideslope antenna mod for 34L (Third Runway) based on StART recommendation. Authorization to expend capital funds for project definition and preliminary design on Sustainable Airport Master Plan Near-Term

Arlyn Purcell

Currently, Arlyn Purcell is the SEPA contact for the Sea-Tac Airport SAMP program. The Port of Seattle Selected Arlyn Purcell, AICP, as New Director, Aviation Environment and Sustainability SEATTLE, WA– Following a nationwide search, thePort of Seattle has selectedArlyn Purcell, AICP to be the new Director, Aviation Environment and Sustainability at the Port of Seattle.

SAMP: We’ve had our Open House. Now what?

OK, so we had our Open Houses, kids. So what’s the next crisis to react to? Sorry to sound snarky. I do believe all these current issues matter. And I applaud everyone in the community and government who are reacting to them. Well done. Really. (At some point I have to develop the nerve to

Real Sustainability

So the past couple of days I’ve been ‘slumming’–attending the Des Moines ‘Ad Hoc’ Aviation Committee meeting and then a Burien City Council Meeting on Monday. And then the last StART meeting on Tuesday. I’ve made no secret of my disdain for these groups but that has little to do with the people who are,