Green air travel is still decades away. Here’s why

Airplane manufacturers are making big moves to decarbonize — but is it too little too late? Jennifer Van Evra “The airline sector doesn’t have a plan to date,” says Andrew Murphy, aviation director of Transport and Environment, “and it’s kind of scrambling to come up with one.” (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) What On Earth27:01Up in the

How a 1940s treaty set airlines on a path to high emissions and low regulation

Before the pandemic, aviation was on course to be the UK’s most polluting sector and produce as much as 22% of global emissions by 2050. The industry is suffering from low demand due to coronavirus restrictions, but without meaningful policy changes, flight numbers and emissions are expected to return to pre-COVID-19 levels by 2024. When accounting for emissions, aviation is

There Is No Sustainable Way to Fly

Despite what airlines promise, carbon offsets and sustainable fuels won’t negate the heavy environmental cost of air travel. by Jake Bittle This article originally appeared on VICE US. Last month, just weeks after climate activist Greta Thunberg was named Time’s Person of the Year, JetBlue announced that it would go carbon neutral on all its

Colin Murphy

Dr. Murphy is one of the leading researchers in the implementation of Sustainable Aviation Fuels. He is a key voice in discussions of legislating carbon standards in California. His blog on sustainable environmental energy practices is well worth reading: 530-754-1812 Colin Murphy is the Deputy Director of the Policy Institute, where he helps