A Letter To Congressman Adam Smith – AQM

The Sea-Tac Annual Air Quality Monitoring Program – a proposal Background Since 1971 there have roughly thirteen ‘studies’ of various air toxins around Sea-Tac Airport. We put the word ‘studies’ in air quotes because almost all of them have been limited either to a single toxin or to a subset of the complete Sea-Tac air

Letter to electeds on the importance of data collection

This letter is in support of a legislative proposal we have made concerning air quality monitors around Sea-Tac Airport. Senator Keiser, Rep. Orwall, Rep. Johnson. I know how busy you all are. I hope you will take 4 minutes to listen to this very good piece of audio. You can start at about 1:40. https://seatacnoise.info/otm111320_cms1067654_pod/

SB6214 First Public Hearing

If you can, please us in Olympia in the J.A. Cherberg Building to provide public comment on SB6214. This is a bill sponsored by Karen Keiser and Tina Orwall which will, if passed, provide the first step towards obtaining updates and repairs for the nearly 10,000 homes and buildings with Port Packages. I cannot stress


Installing, repairing, replacing, and updating mitigation equipment installed within an impacted area. Installing, repairing, replacing, and updating mitigation equipment installed within an impacted area. Sponsors: Keiser Companion Bill: HB2315 Original Bill: https://lawfilesext.leg.wa.gov/biennium/2019-20/Pdf/Bills/Senate%20Bills/6214.pdf  

With Sea-Tac nearly maxed out, where to land a new airport?

Paine Field is certain to be studied by a state commission looking for a “relief valve” or replacement. by Jerry Cornfield Monday, November 4, 2019 1:30am Herald Business JournalLocal NewsAviation and spaceEverettMukilteoPaine Field OLYMPIA — One day in the not-too-distant future, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport will be maxed-out for passengers and cargo. But the number of

Public Comment on SB5370: It’s about real competition

Public comment from House Transportation Committee, reviewing Karen Kaiser’s Senate Bill SSB5370. We’re now in the phase where the House Committee reviews the Senate vaersion and vice versa to (hopefully) come to agreed upon final versions which can be voted on. One possible speed bump. The Dept. Of Aviation rep. commented that his Dept. and

Well that’s a relief! SB5370

TVW Video (1:45:00) Just a quick note to give followers a bit of the sausage making in those whole boring process of SB5370. One nice thing about State business is that even the Executive Sessions are available on video. Ironically, this is one of their arguments against having full transparency of all documents. At the

Our Co-dependent Love Affair SB5370

TVW Video (Discussion & Comments 40:00) Have you ever been in a relationship that you knew was bad for you? And not just you, I mean for both of you? But for any number of reasons, you just keep slugging it out, year after year. You (or they) keep telling yourself all the reasons it’s