HB2315 (Port Package Update) Frequently Asked Questions

Now that HB2315 (the ‘Port Package Update’ bill) has passed, we’re getting a ton of questions. Here are some answers. If you don’t see your question here, please contact us, but please be specific about what you are asking about and please be patient! We are only three volunteers so messages like “Bob. Port Package?”

Property Tax Appeal Cookbook

Sorry to be a tease but it’s not ready yet. This is the second most requested topic on the entire site so we decided it might be a good idea to put up a placeholder to describe what we’re doing. As of 1 September 2019, we’ve had nine homeowners successfully appeal their value assessments and

Recommended Legislation

Last update: 09/03/19. Another ‘work in progress’. We’re constantly updating this list. Our Proposals Here is a list of legislation we are actively proposing: Municipal: Airport Communications We feel that the local communities need a full-time professional advocate for aviation issues. The current approach of reacting to each airport expansion in an ad hoc manner

The problem with cities

As one attempts to survey the landscape concerning the various negative impacts that the Sea-Tac Airport has foisted upon the surrounding communities, one quickly becomes aware of a black hole which I call ‘The Dark Time’–probably because I watched too many comic book movies with my kids. The Dark Time is the roughly decade-long period

So you want to be a Port Commissioner?

The purpose of this explainer is is sort of a handy one-pager for candidates for a seat on the Port Commission. In the past two elections I’ve met with numerous candidates to discuss what the Port Commission might be able to do to help airport communities address the negative impacts from Sea-Tac Airport. The answer.

Why is it getting so much worse? (NextGen For Dummies)

You might call the current situation for residents in certain neighborhoods around Sea-Tac Airport a ‘Perfect Storm’. What’s The Frequency, Kenneth? First, there is the fact that in 2012 Delta Airlines made Sea-Tac their main hub along with Alaska Air. So that made Sea-Tac home base forput two very large airlines. And starting in 2012,

Who decides what happens at Sea-Tac Airport?

If you’re trying to get some relief from all the flights, you probably will have some questions like, “Who do I blame?” And it gets confusing because there are three entities that share responsibility for everything that goes on at Sea-Tac Airport: the FAA, The Port Of Seattle, and the airlines. The Operator: Property Manager

Second Airport

This provides a portal for information concerning the progress towards a second airport. In one paragraph, a second airport will be sited by 2021 and up and running by 2040. The most likely location will be Moses Lake, which means that this second airport’s focus will be on cargo flights. Information Blog Posts