The toxic killers in our air too small to see

Current pollution meters don’t count the very smallest pollutants – nanoparticles. Recent research suggests these tiny toxic substances could be a major cause of illness and death. By Tim Smedley 15th November 2019 A After years of headlines about air pollution, we’ve been misled on a few things about the world’s biggest environmental health problem.

Novel cardiovascular risk factors: air pollution, air temperature, pain, and sleep duration

For the podcast associated with this article, please visit Traditionally, we have used age, gender, body mass index, blood pressure, lipids, smoking, and diabetes to assess cardiovascular (CV) risk. However, up until recently, the CV risk provided by environemental hazards such as pollution,1–3 noise,4–6 temperature,7 sleep duration8, and air quality,9,10 among others, have been