PBS Nova: The Great Electric Airplane Race

Can new emission-free electric planes replace our polluting airliners and revolutionize personal transportation in our cities? NOVA takes you for a ride in some impressive prototypes that are already in the air, from speedy single-seat planes that can take off like a helicopter but are half as noisy to “self-flying” air taxis that are already taking passengers on test flights in Chinese cities. But if electric airplanes are ever to advance beyond small, short-haul craft, significant hurdles of battery weight, energy storage, and cooling remain to be overcome. How long will it be before the dream of super-quiet, super-efficient airliners becomes a reality? (Premiered May 26, 2021)

Washington Tracking Network

Welcome to WTN, a Washington State Department of Health program focused on making public health data more accessible. WTN staff keep data in all tools up to date and develop additional data based on need and availability. Data are available for download and exploration using our four tools.

Monitoring air quality in schools

January 27, 2021 | Deirdre Lockwood Does ultrafine air pollution infiltrate schools near Sea-Tac Airport? DEOHS researchers partner with cities in South King County to find out. DEOHS Assistant Professor Elena Austin is leading a project to track air quality in public schools near Sea-Tac Airport. Photo: Mark Stone. As students in King County public

Beacon Hill Air & Noise Pollution Community Meeting Zoom Video

https://seatacnoise.info/wp-content/uploads/20ECZoomCommunityReportBack12-5-20%20copy.mp4 Seattle Beacon Hill Air & Noise Pollution Community Meeting Dec 5, 2020 10:00 AM sponsored by El Centro De La Raza and hosted by Maria Batayola. Featured speakers were Congressman Adam Smith and Dr. Edmund Seto of UW DEOHS. Related: The Relationship Between Flight Traffic, Ultrafine Particles and Noise from the Seattle Aircraft Air

Letter to electeds on the importance of data collection

This letter is in support of a legislative proposal we have made concerning air quality monitors around Sea-Tac Airport. Senator Keiser, Rep. Orwall, Rep. Johnson. I know how busy you all are. I hope you will take 4 minutes to listen to this very good piece of audio. You can start at about 1:40. https://seatacnoise.info/otm111320_cms1067654_pod/

Huffington Post: Data Disappeared

Whenever President Donald Trump is questioned about why the United States has nearly three times more coronavirus cases than the entire European Union, or why hundreds of Americans are still dying every day, he whips out one standard comment. We find so many cases, he contends, because we test so many people. The remark typifies