A Letter To Tina Orwall re. Stakeholder Meeting

Tina Orwall is a State Representative For the 33rd District. This letter is in regard to a Stakeholders Meeting she convened at Kent City Hall on August 15, 2019. Dear Tina, I wanted to share my thoughts on your Stakeholders Meeting last week. The Politics My objection to your support of my opponent is exactly

Letter To PPP Members (July 2019)

An update on what we’ve been doing.First off, yes, I am running for City Council in Des Moines.  And yes I did tell y’all that was not going to happen. Which already establishes my qualifications for a career in politics, right? 😀 But the reasons are pretty basic. First off,, win or lose, the act

Milgard: Understanding Noise

Milgard understands the importance of peace and quiet in your home and engineers windows to help reduce unwanted noise. Unwanted outside noise can occur in homes by a highway, airport or in a loud urban setting. This can have a significant impact on the enjoyment of your home, particularly if it disrupts your sleep. Windows are

Time, Windows and Churn

I saw those guys at The Gorge in ’83. 😀 Preface With the passage of time, the problems created for residents by Sea-Tac Airport get forgotten and this works to the advantage of The Port Of Seattle. Forget ever obtaining any justice, the passage of time prevents even understanding that any crimes have been committed.

A Letter To Tina Orwall re. Port Package Problems

Tina Orwall is a State Representative For the 33rd District. This letter is in regard to a conversation I had with her after the 33rd District Democrats Town Hall on March 23, 2019 and the LiUNA Hall in Des Moines. Dear Tina, Just following up on our conversation today re. the Port Packages. To summarise,

Clean Crawls (Mold Remediation)

This is a company that provides mold remediation services. We don’t recommend companies, but they have been used by a number of homeowners with Port Package Problems. This page provides some good information on the issues that mold can provide.

So You Want A Port Package? Start Here

Thanks for contacting us. Why Bother Reading This? Getting a Port Package is a process. A long process that  will likely take several years. Really. Even if they say ‘yes’, right away. It’s complicated and frustrating and confusing and I know you don’t want to hear that because you’re already upset by the noise. So

A Letter To Mayor Jimmy Matta re. Port Package Problems

I’m often asked why I’m so gung ho about legislative action as opposed to working through issues via the SAMP (Sustainable Airport Master Plan). My flip answer is “If the Port wants me to do it? I’m immediately skeptical.” And the Port wants to drive all community issues through the SAMP. But the substantive reason