Title 14: Aeronautics and Space PART 161—NOTICE AND APPROVAL OF AIRPORT NOISE AND ACCESS RESTRICTIONS Contents Subpart A—General Provisions §161.1   Purpose. §161.3   Applicability. §161.5   Definitions. §161.7   Limitations. §161.9   Designation of noise description methods. §161.11   Identification of land uses in airport noise study area. Subpart B—Agreements §161.101   Scope. §161.103   Notice of the proposed restriction. §161.105   Requirements for new entrants. §161.107   Implementation of the restriction. §161.109   Notice of

AICA Gone Local

For the past several years there has been a lot of energy directed at creating Federal legislation to correct the systemic unfairness we all experience living near a large airport like Sea-Tac. On the surface, this makes perfect sense: the FAA has direct authority over all airports. And many, many attempts at obtaining relief by

What do Port Packages have to do with me?

Perhaps the most common question we get these days is “Why do you keep going on about ‘Port Packages’? I don’t care about Port Packages. I care about all the damned planes! That is what we should be focused on!” This is a great question. It’s the only question, really because it gets to the

A Letter To Amanda Wyma-Bradley re. HR 6168

Ms. Wyma-Bradley is a Legislative Assistant for Congressman Adam Smith (D) 9th District, WA. Thank you for your work on this issue.I worry that my comments at the meeting may have veered discussion away from your intended text. But I think I do understand the local situation and my concern in HR 6168 was that

A Letter To Adam Smith Re. HR 6168

Dear Congressman, As I wrote you on 24 March re. ANCA, I want to thank you for all your help for airport communities. I now have the following comments ahead of your August 27 Meeting with our communities. Representation I am very concerned about the definition and structure of ‘community’ and who will be designated

Why is it getting so much worse? (NextGen For Dummies)

You might call the current situation for residents in certain neighborhoods around Sea-Tac Airport a ‘Perfect Storm’. What’s The Frequency, Kenneth? First, there is the fact that in 2012 Delta Airlines made Sea-Tac their main hub along with Alaska Air. So that made Sea-Tac home base forput two very large airlines. And starting in 2012,

Show Me The Money!

The problem with all airport community issues come down to M-O-N-E-Y. There are currently some programs that try to account for noise. There are almost no programs that account for pollution; or lower property values; or an array of socio-economic harms. If you look at the galaxy of Federal Regs that have sprouted from ANCA,

Why Can’t We Have A Curfew?

Blame it on one very simple Federal law: ANCA , the Airport Noise And Capacity Act Of 1990. I keep trying to write a brief history of how all airport law regarding noise and pollution got subsumed from where it was (the EPA) into the FAA, but all people seem to really care about these