A Letter To Congressman Adam Smith – AQM

The Sea-Tac Annual Air Quality Monitoring Program – a proposal Background Since 1971 there have roughly thirteen ‘studies’ of various air toxins around Sea-Tac Airport. We put the word ‘studies’ in air quotes because almost all of them have been limited either to a single toxin or to a subset of the complete Sea-Tac air

Letter to electeds on the importance of data collection

This letter is in support of a legislative proposal we have made concerning air quality monitors around Sea-Tac Airport. Senator Keiser, Rep. Orwall, Rep. Johnson. I know how busy you all are. I hope you will take 4 minutes to listen to this very good piece of audio. You can start at about 1:40. https://seatacnoise.info/otm111320_cms1067654_pod/

PPP Update #2

Hi there, It’s been too long since our first update. Sorry about that. Part of the delay is that literally the week we decided to create this list, the true magnitude of the COVID-19 emergency became apparent and the Governor declared a State Of Emergency. COVID-19 Challenges The first speed bump is that we were

Long Term Management

Over the past four years SeatacNoise.Info has done two fairly in-depth analyses. First, concerning the relation between Sea-Tac Airport and the surrounding communities going back to 1959 (before the building of what is now the ‘first runway’), and second looking at the current state of community relations at the top 20 U.S. airports (by average

Why electric airplanes are no panacea

At the risk of being Mr. Negative, electric airplanes are not a panacea. And I say that not to inspire despair but to tell residents simply that the things we are fighting for now will not magically disappear in 25 years with the new tech. We cannot just accept the status quo as something we have

Towards A New Normal

When I first spoke publicly on the problems of Sea-Tac Airport four years ago, I was not coy. I said, “Roll it back.” And by that I meant, reducing the number of daily operations back to 2012 levels. I was told that only an act of God could make such a thing possible. Who knew,