Why Airports Die

The distinctive design of the Pan-Am Worldport at JFK International Airport, built in 1960, wasn’t enough to save it from the wrecking ball. Dmitri Kessel/The LIFE Picture Collection via Getty Images Anthony Paletta 12:07 PM ET Expensive to build, hard to adapt to other uses, and now facing massive pandemic-related challenges, airport terminals often live

Center Runway Reconstruction

The Port of Seattle completed reconstruction of the center runway (designated as 16C/34C) at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in 2015. The runway was originally built in 1969 and had some brief closures during 2016 in order to complete adjoining projects with taxiways and blast pads. The project included installation of a new LED runway lighting system and an

Why Is Sea-Tac Airport Shaped Like a Boomerang?

Donnelly, Devlin July 15, 2019 Did you know that the Sea-Tac Airport terminal is shaped somewhat like a boomerang? Want to know why? It isn’t just because of the obvious aesthetic appeal of the shape, or as a subtle reminder to make sure people keep coming back! The reason dates to the original configuration of