PPP Update #2

Hi there, It’s been too long since our first update. Sorry about that. Part of the delay is that literally the week we decided to create this list, the true magnitude of the COVID-19 emergency became apparent and the Governor declared a State Of Emergency. COVID-19 Challenges The first speed bump is that we were

PPP Update #1

A quick note on last week’s Port Of Seattle General Meeting (agenda)  video.  The Port approved the first batch of money of the new Port Package Update program. This contract includes sixty (60) homes and the Villa Enzi condominiums on 216th in Des Moines–which have been waiting for years and years. Unrelated, but it also

The new *PPP Mailing List

*Port Package Problems So… HB2315, the ‘Port Package Update’ bill,  just passed in Olympia. Yay. 😀 You won’t see any of us at the signing ceremony because… THERE ARE NO SIGNING CEREMONIES! Damn that COVID-19! Which means the selfies with our Governor will have to wait for another year. 😀 Now there’s this bit in