Modeling variability in air pollution-related health damages from individual airport emissions – Stefani L. Penn

In this study, we modeled concentrations of fine particulate matter(PM2.5) and ozone(O3) attributable to precursor emissions from individual airports in the United States, developing airport-specific health damage functions (deaths per 1000 tof precursor emissions) and physically-interpretable regression models to explain variability in these functions.

Aircraft Impacts on Local and Regional Air Quality in the United States Partner Project 15 Final Report

Partnership for AiR Transportation Noise And Emissions Reduction Project 15 Final ReportGayle Ratliff, Christopher Sequeira, and Ian Waitz Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts Melissa Ohsfeldt and Theodore Thrasher CSSI Inc, Washington DC Michael Graham and Terence Thompson Metron Aviation, Herndon, Virginia This report documents the findings of a study undertaken to identify: The impact