Study of the Current and Ongoing Effects of the Operation of the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

Stantec and Ricker-Cunningham Prepared for the Washington State Department of Commerce as authorized by ESSB 6032 The Washington State Legislature asked the Department of Commerce in March 2018 to implement the provisions of (Proviso) Section 127(63) of Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill (ESSB 6032) using the following language: “(63) (a) $300,000 of the general fund—state appropriation

Modeling variability in air pollution-related health damages from individual airport emissions – Stefani L. Penn

In this study, we modeled concentrations of fine particulate matter(PM2.5) and ozone(O3) attributable to precursor emissions from individual airports in the United States, developing airport-specific health damage functions (deaths per 1000 tof precursor emissions) and physically-interpretable regression models to explain variability in these functions.