RCW 53.54.030 Draft Update

RCW 53.54.030 Draft Update (5) An individual property may be provided benefits by the port district under each of the programs described in subsections (1) through (4) of this section. However, an individual property may not be provided benefits under any one of these programs more than once, unless the property: (a) is subjected to

RCW Title 29A: Elections

This Title of State law describes election procedures. For our purposes, we’re largely concerned with a path towards altering the structure and size of the Port Of Seattle’ Commission. Specifically, we’d like to see a nine-member Commission with District-based elections.

Recommended Legislation

Last update: 09/03/19. Another ‘work in progress’. We’re constantly updating this list. Our Proposals Here is a list of legislation we are actively proposing: Municipal: Airport Communications We feel that the local communities need a full-time professional advocate for aviation issues. The current approach of reacting to each airport expansion in an ad hoc manner

RCW 70.107.010

Purpose. The legislature finds that inadequately controlled noise adversely affects the health, safety and welfare of the people, the value of property, and the quality of the environment. Antinoise measures of the past have not adequately protected against the invasion of these interests by noise. There is a need, therefore, for an expansion of efforts