CATEX Controversy: The Ninth Circuit Strikes Down FAA Decision to Exempt a Sea-Tac Operational Change from Environmental Review

The process for approving changes in airport operations and development projects may now be more complicated, time-consuming, expensive and uncertain, due to a new federal appeals court decision. The decision faults the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for rushing through its approval of a new procedure for turning southbound turboprops to the west in certain wind

Matthew Adams – Dentons

Mr. Adams is the attorney representing Burien in their case against the FAA. Matthew Adams serves as Chair of the Firm’s US Environment and Natural Resources practice. Matthew helps clients address environmental issues related to energy, infrastructure, and natural resource development projects. He advises on a full range of transactional, regulatory, and litigation matters, with

Quiet Skies Coalition Update

Good Friends & Citizens of Burien, On Wednesday, the City of Burien appeared before the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in Seattle.  Our attorney Matt Adams of Dentons law firm and the FAA’s attorney presented oral arguments before a panel of three judges who asked pointed questions of both sides.  My

Burien Quiet Skies Coalition – June 2019 Update

Hi Everyone, I hope this email finds you well and enjoying summer. Here’s a quick update on the latest happenings: Meeting with Adam Smith and Pramila Jayapal’s Staff Congressional Representatives Adam Smith and Pramila Jayapal asked me and our good friend and neighbor, Walt Bala, to provide a briefing regarding the Burien Turn and our

A Letter To Mayor Jimmy Matta re. Port Package Problems

I’m often asked why I’m so gung ho about legislative action as opposed to working through issues via the SAMP (Sustainable Airport Master Plan). My flip answer is “If the Port wants me to do it? I’m immediately skeptical.” And the Port wants to drive all community issues through the SAMP. But the substantive reason