There Is No Sustainable Way to Fly

Despite what airlines promise, carbon offsets and sustainable fuels won’t negate the heavy environmental cost of air travel. by Jake Bittle This article originally appeared on VICE US. Last month, just weeks after climate activist Greta Thunberg was named Time’s Person of the Year, JetBlue announced that it would go carbon neutral on all its

The Real Cost of Your Cheap Flights to Berlin

Campaign groups reckon that if plane fuel was taxed properly, it could help to reverse the cuts to legal aid, disability benefits, employ 5,000 more nurses and build ten new hospitals every year. Photo: Jamie Clifton In the middle of the Polish plains, about 200km southwest of Warsaw, sits the sprawling hulk of the Belchatow

Contrails Are Air Travel’s Dirty Secret

A new German Aerospace Center study says the clouds formed in the wake of planes have an impact on the climate that’s not being properly addressed. Air travel is predicted to increase in the coming years, the exhaust from planes filling more of our skies with clouds known as contrails. These clouds are largely unaccounted