Treat air quality to safeguard buildings against COVID-19

By Gus Simonds Special to The Times Enough sweatpants and Zoom meetings already. Employees who have worked from home since March because of COVID-19 want to get back to the office to enjoy the face-to-face camaraderie and collaboration with mentors and teammates. Parents are anticipating getting their children back into the classroom. Winter is approaching, making

Little-understood, unregulated particles pollute neighborhoods under Sea-Tac flight paths, UW study finds

Kent Palosaari, his son Kai and daughter Mira in SeaTac. University of Washington researchers say emissions are polluting communities near the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, and Palosaari worries that the… (Ellen M. Banner / The Seattle Times) More By Katherine Khashimova Long Seattle Times business reporter Kent Palosaari’s persistent cough started eight years after he moved

Sea-Tac is First Airport to Resist Federal Push for Facial Recognition and Other Biometric Technologies

Katherine Khashimova Long The Seattle Times (TNS) At least for now, controversial facial-recognition technology won’t be installed at boarding gates at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, making the airport the first in the country to resist the rollout of a federal biometric identification program. After hours of impassioned public comment Tuesday, much of it from people calling facial