Washington State Department Of Transportation Commercial Aviation Coordinating Commission

The Commercial Aviation Coordinating Commission was created by the Legislature and tasked WSDOT Aviation to provide staff support for coordinating and administering the commission and technical assistance as requested by commission members. By January 1, 2022 the commission will develop recommendations to meet Washington state critical aviation system capacity needs. In addition to recommending a new

Commercial Aviation Coordinating Commission (Video)

Commercial Aviation Coordinating Commission
October 30, 10:00 am

Agenda: Welcome/agenda review (introductions, binder orientation, defining the problem), highlights from legislation, Committee business (discussion of proposed charter, member responsibilities/nominations of chair & vice chair, overview of technical group topics), setting the stage/previous studies, discussion (Does the definition of commercial aviation make sense for this effort? Does the charge to the commission make sense? Workflow? Are there other studies or data that the commission should be looking at? Anything else?), next steps/adjourn.

Aviation Economic Impact Calculator

Welcome to the WSDOT Aviation Economic Impact Calculator. This tool is designed to assist users in estimating an airport’s change in regional economic impacts based on potential changes in activity at the airport. The calculations in this tool are high-level estimates designed to give a sense of magnitude of economic impacts, but are not to