The Check Box

Introduction One small silver-lining from the pandemic is the broad realization that a great deal of work can now be done as well or even better via Remote Work and Remote Attendance. It saves time and money and improves productivity. It provides increased accessibility for those who find air travel challenging or who simply prefer

Just Five Percent

As we previously wrote, the single biggest thing we as airport community activists could do to reduce the noise and pollution would be to encourage Remote Work. We at SeatacNoise.Info have been puzzled for a while now why this hasn’t been a part of the discussion in either airport communities or climate change activists. We

Just keep doing what you’re doing

There was a longstanding  joke in the software biz: ‘the remote revolution is just around the corner!’ The irony was that, despite the fact that remote work was tailor-made for the industry,  the software business was the last place such a revolution would ever happen. Managers were very straightforward: they wanted their employees in the

A letter to Representative Adam Smith: Conservation

Representative Smith, I had a conversation yesterday with your wonderful aide &#9608&#9608&#9608&#9608&#9608&#9608&#9608&#9608&#9608&#9608&#9608&#9608&#9608&#9608&#9608&#9608&#9608&#9608&#9608. I mentioned the idea of bringing ‘conservation’ into the discussion of air travel and she must have thought I was nuts. It is hard to explain to younger people how much Americans used to glamourise cars. The idea that we might ever feel

Remote Works Better

Introduction One small silver-lining from 2020 is the broad realization that a great deal of work  can now be done as well or even better without travel. Reducing unnecessary travel is the single most immediate and efficient way to mitigate climate change. Not only is it practically ‘free’, it actually saves time and money for

A Letter To Congressman Adam Smith – AQM

The Sea-Tac Annual Air Quality Monitoring Program – a proposal Background Since 1971 there have roughly thirteen ‘studies’ of various air toxins around Sea-Tac Airport. We put the word ‘studies’ in air quotes because almost all of them have been limited either to a single toxin or to a subset of the complete Sea-Tac air