SAMP For Dummies

As the name implies, The Sustainable Airport Master Plan, is a timeline for insuring that Sea-Tac Airport can continue to grow to accommodate passenger and cargo traffic over the next twenty years. (The FAA requires all large airports to have a master plan.)  In its broadest sense, it is divided in two phases: Near Term

Symbolic Gestures

For those of you who hate reading and just want to get to the point, click here. 😀 As we’ve written here many times, we’d like you to consider thinking differently about airport issues.  We’d like you to consider that the real challenges are not ‘noise’ or ‘pollution’ or ‘FAA law’ or ‘the environment’. What

A Letter to Councilmember Earnest Thompson

Mr. Thompson is a member of the Normandy Park City Council and is well-known for his advocacy of HyperLoop technology. This letter was written in response to a conversation we had regarding Towards A New Normal. Hi Earnest, Just following up on our conversation. First, I look forward to seeing your information on HyperLoop. Second,

Towards A New Normal

When I first spoke publicly on the problems of Sea-Tac Airport four years ago, I was not coy. I said, “Roll it back.” And by that I meant, reducing the number of daily operations back to 2012 levels. I was told that only an act of God could make such a thing possible. Who knew,

AICA Gone Local

For the past several years there has been a lot of energy directed at creating Federal legislation to correct the systemic unfairness we all experience living near a large airport like Sea-Tac. On the surface, this makes perfect sense: the FAA has direct authority over all airports. And many, many attempts at obtaining relief by

PPP Update #1

A quick note on last week’s Port Of Seattle General Meeting (agenda)  video.  The Port approved the first batch of money of the new Port Package Update program. This contract includes sixty (60) homes and the Villa Enzi condominiums on 216th in Des Moines–which have been waiting for years and years. Unrelated, but it also

It’s A Disaster

With the emergence of Coronavirus, we’ve noticed a great deal of Schadenfreude among airport activists across the world. Comments such as “It’s so quiet now. We should have an outbreak like this all the time!” The thing most residents forget is that we actually did twenty years ago. It was called ‘9/11’. If you look

The new *PPP Mailing List

*Port Package Problems So… HB2315, the ‘Port Package Update’ bill,  just passed in Olympia. Yay. 😀 You won’t see any of us at the signing ceremony because… THERE ARE NO SIGNING CEREMONIES! Damn that COVID-19! Which means the selfies with our Governor will have to wait for another year. 😀 Now there’s this bit in