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Hi there. If you visited the site today, you noticed some GARBAGE. That’s just me (finally) trying to fix some aspects of the search system. It’s hopefully better now. And by ‘better’ I mean the search results, not just that there isn’t a bunch of garbage on the pages. Like I say all the time:

A Letter To Earnest Thompson

Mr. Thompson is a member of the StART Committee for Normandy Park and a candidate for City Council in that town. This letter is in regard to a failed Resolution #944 voted on at their City Council Meeting 09/10/2019. Hi Earnest, Again, I’m sorry that I was unable to make the Normandy Park City Council

A Letter To Adam Smith Re. HR 6168

Dear Congressman, As I wrote you on 24 March re. ANCA, I want to thank you for all your help for airport communities. I now have the following comments ahead of your August 27 Meeting with our communities. Representation I am very concerned about the definition and structure of ‘community’ and who will be designated

A Letter To Tina Orwall re. Stakeholder Meeting

Tina Orwall is a State Representative For the 33rd District. This letter is in regard to a Stakeholders Meeting she convened at Kent City Hall on August 15, 2019. Dear Tina, I wanted to share my thoughts on your Stakeholders Meeting last week. The Politics My objection to your support of my opponent is exactly

So you want to be a Port Commissioner?

The purpose of this explainer is is sort of a handy one-pager for candidates for a seat on the Port Commission. In the past two elections I’ve met with numerous candidates to discuss what the Port Commission might be able to do to help airport communities address the negative impacts from Sea-Tac Airport. The answer.

Why is it getting so much worse? (NextGen For Dummies)

You might call the current situation for residents in certain neighborhoods around Sea-Tac Airport a ‘Perfect Storm’. What’s The Frequency, Kenneth? First, there is the fact that in 2012 Delta Airlines made Sea-Tac their main hub along with Alaska Air. So that made Sea-Tac home base forput two very large airlines. And starting in 2012,

A Letter To Danny Westneat

Mr. Westneat is a columnist and reporter for the Seattle Times focusing on local issues. Hi Danny, Read your Sunday column on Climate Change and Jay Inslee. Great stuff as always. I recently met Jay Inslee at a Port Of Seattle convention on Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF)–a substitute for the aviation kerosene now used which

Who decides what happens at Sea-Tac Airport?

If you’re trying to get some relief from all the flights, you probably will have some questions like, “Who do I blame?” And it gets confusing because there are three entities that share responsibility for everything that goes on at Sea-Tac Airport: the FAA, The Port Of Seattle, and the airlines. The Operator: Property Manager