An Open Letter To Joel Wachtel re. HB2315

Mr. Wachtel is a member of the SeaTac City Council and chairs their Aviation Advisory Committee. The following letter was e-mailed to key Councilmembers in Des Moines, SeaTac, Normandy Park, Tukwila and Federal Way. Hi Joel, As I mentioned at yesterday’s Highline Forum, HB2315 is moving ahead very fast. There have been two hearings so

What do Port Packages have to do with me?

Perhaps the most common question we get these days is “Why do you keep going on about ‘Port Packages’? I don’t care about Port Packages. I care about all the damned planes! That is what we should be focused on!” This is a great question. It’s the only question, really because it gets to the

A Letter To The Port Commission re. 2020 Tax Levy

Per my public comment of 12 November. When it comes to the Port’s relationship with the airport communities, the elephant in the room has always been EXTERNALITIES–the very real impacts on our people and property that go unacknowledged on your financial reports. So long as an Externality exists, there is no accurate accounting and there

Property Tax Appeal Cookbook

Sorry to be a tease but it’s not ready yet. This is the second most requested topic on the entire site so we decided it might be a good idea to put up a placeholder to describe what we’re doing. As of 1 September 2019, we’ve had nine homeowners successfully appeal their value assessments and