The impact of noise on childhood cognitive development

Poor classroom acoustics: The invisible reason Johnny can’t read. Poor classroom acoustics create a negative learning environment for many students, especially those with hearing or learning difficulties. According to a report by David Lubman (“America’s Need for Standards and Guidelines to Ensure Satisfactory Classroom Acoustics”) “acoustical conditions in many classrooms are unsuitable for such tasks

Treat air quality to safeguard buildings against COVID-19

By Gus Simonds Special to The Times Enough sweatpants and Zoom meetings already. Employees who have worked from home since March because of COVID-19 want to get back to the office to enjoy the face-to-face camaraderie and collaboration with mentors and teammates. Parents are anticipating getting their children back into the classroom. Winter is approaching, making

Chronic Noise Exposure and Reading Deficits

ABSTRACT: First- and second-grade schoolchildren chronically exposed to aircraft noise have significant deficits in reading as indexed by a standardized reading test administered under quiet conditions. These findings indicate that the harmful effects of noise are related to chronic exposure rather than interference effects during the testing session itself. We also provide evidence that the