HR 5874 – Decrease Noise Levels Act

[Congressional Bills 116th Congress] [From the U.S. Government Publishing Office] [H.R. 5874 Introduced in House (IH)] 116th CONGRESS 2d Session H. R. 5874 To require the Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration to amend regulations concerning the day-night average sound level, and for other purposes. _______________________________________________________________________ IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES February 12, 2020 Ms.

Recommended Legislation

Last update: 09/03/19. Another ‘work in progress’. We’re constantly updating this list. Our Proposals Here is a list of legislation we are actively proposing: Municipal: Airport Communications We feel that the local communities need a full-time professional advocate for aviation issues. The current approach of reacting to each airport expansion in an ad hoc manner

Public Comment on SB5370: It’s about real competition

Public comment from House Transportation Committee, reviewing Karen Kaiser’s Senate Bill SSB5370. We’re now in the phase where the House Committee reviews the Senate vaersion and vice versa to (hopefully) come to agreed upon final versions which can be voted on. One possible speed bump. The Dept. Of Aviation rep. commented that his Dept. and

HR 6168 Aviation-Impacted Communities Act (2018 version)

H. R. 6168 To assist aviation-impacted communities in mitigating the noise burden that they face and to increase Federal Aviation Administration engagement and responsiveness to communities, and for other purposes. IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES June 20, 2018 Mr. Smith of Washington (for himself, Mr. Jeffries, Ms. Speier, Ms. Norton, Mr. Lynch, Ms. Jayapal, and