SB6214 First Public Hearing

Article Summary:

If you can, please us in Olympia in the J.A. Cherberg Building to provide public comment on SB6214.

This is a bill sponsored by Karen Keiser and Tina Orwall which will, if passed, provide the first step towards obtaining updates and repairs for the nearly 10,000 homes and buildings with Port Packages.

I cannot stress enough the importance of this bill for -everyone-, whether you have a Port Package or not!

SB6214 is the first legislation in over two decades to provide any form of real relief from airport impacts. And it demonstrates that relief that is possible -now-.

SB6214 is also the first legislation that will actually cost the Port something. It establishes a -precedent- that the Port can and must do more. It is a signal from the State.

And best of all, this is not some abstract dream 20 years in the future. This is really happening.

So I hope to see you there. Or failing that, please use the link to provide e-comments.