Property Tax Appeal Cookbook

Sorry to be a tease but it’s not ready yet. This is the second most requested topic on the entire site so we decided it might be a good idea to put up a placeholder to describe what we’re doing.

As of 1 September 2019, we’ve had nine homeowners successfully appeal their value assessments and achieve a reduction in their taxes based on the negative impacts of Sea-Tac Airport. If done properly, this works (at least for now.)

As much as we all love the notion of getting a break on our taxes, we know many of you are totally intimidated by the idea of going before the Board Of Equalizaton.  So we’re creating a standardized ‘recipe’ to make this as simple as possible.


The process will never be 100% ‘painless’. But we hope to make it easy enough that more people will feel empowered to do it. Because this is about protest. Our goal is to hit King County in the pocket book. You can send in all the noise complaints you want, but the real enabler of Sea-Tac Airport is all the money it generates for King County. Until we give them something real to think about, we can never hope to achieve long-term relief. And there is nothing more real to city and county government than a tax-revolt.

Best case? You get rewarded for your protest. Worst case? It doesn’t work, but you’ve still made a valuable protest and that is what we’re after.

We’re working on it!

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For now, you can examine the process for yourself here: How to appeal the assessed value of your property

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