How do I determine if I have a Port Package or Avigation Easement?

Other than examining your windows, doors and insulation, you can find out if there is an Avigation Easement attached to your property. At some point, the owner of the home must have signed that easement in order to obtain the Port Package. So, how do you find that easement? Well, legally, it must be in that big stack of papers you signed when you purchased your home. However, if you can’t find it, here’s what you do:

    1. Go to the King County Parcel Viewer:
    2. Search for your address: (eg.) 20717 13TH AVE S.
      Note the Parcel # 7686205560
    3. Now go to the King County on-line records search: ‘search for public records’ and where it says ‘Tax Parcel’ enter the Parcel Number 7686205560 and hit ‘Search’

You will see a long list of documents. And somewhere in the list will be an Easement document by the Port Of Seattle. You can open the image to see a .pdf of the actual document that is titled ‘Avigation Easement’.

More info on air rights can be found here:

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