Community Health and Airport Operations Related Pollution Report


This study is part of what is broadly known as 'The Commerce Study'. The reference to HB 1109 (2019) refers to the fact that it was funded by a Budget Proviso. All such funding is voted on in an omnibus spending bill (HB 1109) in Sections 129, 221, 1011 and 1502 (UW DEOHS)


Community Health and Airport Operations Related Noise and Air Pollution: Report to the Legislature in Response to Washington State HOUSE BILL 1109

This report responds to a proviso in Washington state’s House Bill 1109 which requests that Public Health – Seattle & King County produce a) airport community health profiles for a one-mile, a five-mile, and a 10-mile radius of the airport; b) a comprehensive literature review assessing the strength-of-evidence for health effects of airport operations; c) a summary of findings of the University of Washington School of Public Health study on ultrafine particulate matter; and d) recommendations to address health issues related to the impact of the airport on the community. The purpose is to understand the community health effects of pollution related to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (Sea-Tac) operations.