2020 Washington State Senate Bill 6168 Sec. 603 (42) Indoor Air Quality Study


State Budget (SENATE BILL 6168, Sec. 603) (42)

$50,000 of the general fund—state appropriation for fiscal year 2021 is provided solely for the department of environmental and occupational health sciences to provide an air quality report. The report will study the relationship between indoor and outdoor ultrafine particle air quality at sites with vulnerable populations, such as schools or locations underneath flight paths within ten miles of Sea-Tac airport. The report recommendations must include an item addressing filtration systems at select locations with vulnerable populations. The report shall be submitted to the house environment and energy committee and the senate environment, energy and technology committee by December 15, 2020.”

(04/02/2020) Update: [ this was vetoed by Governor Jay Inslee on the last day of Session, and not funded ]