#1. Write…

Preface: I used to BEG people here and throughout DM to write letters and get ENGAGED! Very few ever did or do. And those that do? Why they write to Congress, FAA, EPA, Complaint Lines… These are almost always (there are a very few specific exceptions) the same as taking the time to write a letter and then flushing it down the pan. You’d be better off eating it–at least then you’d have the fiber workin’ for ya. But hey whatever makes ya happy.

Moving on: First off, notice the public relations people from the Port or FAA or every organisation when you get to an event. Say hello and get their business cards.

Then understand that people like Katie and Marco and Clare (you know who these are because you got their cards, right?) are your friends. Or at least, they are charged with public outreach which matters. So do your best to get to know them a little bit. My experience is that they try like crazy to be responsive. PLUS! They are close enough to you to be reachable and even better, they actually make noises indicating that they take notes on your suggestions and are really doing what they can to help! When dealing with such an oily institution as the Port? Having at least an occasional sincere interaction can make the rest of the time more tolerable.

One problem? They don’t get enough constructive input. They don’t get -specifics-. Why? People tend to aim higher (someone like Commissioner or Lance Lyttle.) AND/OR because they just wanna give them a piece of their mind! So they rant on about stuff waaaaaaaaay beyond their pay grade. This is not only impractical, it makes it tough on them giving them crap they cannot -possibly- help with. My experience with most of the people at these levels is that they really -do- want to help. So give them a chance to make you happy and don’t try to tell them why they’re working for EvilCorp. Trust me. They already know.

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