Search improvements

Hi there.

If you visited the site today, you noticed some GARBAGE. That’s just me (finally) trying to fix some aspects of the search system. It’s hopefully better now. And by ‘better’ I mean the search results, not just that there isn’t a bunch of garbage on the pages. Like I say all the time: if you can’t find it, it doesn’t exist.

The problem with a site like this is that there are now hundreds of thousands of ‘things’ which are of all different types. What we’re trying to do is make the search aggregate all the content, regardless of type, and show it to you in the order that is most useful. In other words, I’m trying to re-invent the Google wheel. (Which doesn’t sound all that intelligent now that I just I finished writing that last sentence. 😀 )

But that’s the task, because there’s no way to incorporate the all-mighty Google into this thing–what with all the different types of content. So I’ll keep bashing away as I have the odd moment. As of today (and with the help of St. Anthony finder of lost things) I think that when you search for something like ‘AIP’ you’ll get everything having to do with the ‘Airport Improvement Program’ be it a document or a link or a spreadsheet or a whatever.

But if not? As always: When you find something is not searching properly or you don’t see results you know should be there? PLEASE, Please, please, pretty please with sprinkles on top, Contact Us! As with bad search results, if we don’t know get your complaints, we just go along blissfully assuming there are no complaints.

So complain! We can take it. 😀

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