The Times recommends: Fred Felleman for Port of Seattle, Commissioner Position 5

Article Summary:

Incumbent Fred Felleman is the best of the field running for Port of Seattle, Commissioner Position 5.

The environmental consultant was first elected in 2015 and, by many accounts, has been a more collaborative and constructive port commissioner than some of his opponents expected from the longtime activist.

Fred Felleman
Fred Felleman

He brought his environmental-protection sensibilities to a port that already was making inroads, urging the commission to create the Energy and Sustainability Committee to further explore ways the port could reduce emissions. Felleman also has embraced the larger economic development mission of the port. The port should provide the economic opportunity for the most people while minimizing adverse environmental and community impacts, he says. And preserving the port district’s working waterfront is another goal.

Along those lines, Felleman wants to ensure port lands are used in ways that support the district’s mission, which does not include being ceded for affordable housing.

Felleman could do more to encourage more port transparency and outreach to its constituents throughout King County. That could include having commission meetings in the evening or holding them around the region.

Neither of Felleman’s opponents make the case that they should replace him.

Garth Jacobson, an attorney, has an impressive professional résumé but has never attended a port commission meeting. In an interview, he failed to articulate a vision for the port beyond improving the airport users experience and raising questions about larger decisions without proposing specific solutions.

Jordan Lemmon lacks relevant experience and is not running a serious campaign.

Fred Felleman should be reelected to the Port of Seattle, Commission Position 5.