So we’ve passed a teensy milestone: 300 subscribers. Woohoo. I smell movie! 😀

OK, maybe not. But given the dry nature of the material stored here, I think we’re doing OK. More interesting is that we’ve had three days now with over 100 hits. Again, it’s a drip. But it’s a steady drip.

What I really want to say here is this: COME BACK, HONEY. I’M REALLY SORRY. 😀 From what we’ve monitored, a bunch of you have done searches, gotten totally crap results and immediately split–and not returned. And that’s not good. But there’s a simple explanation:

I’m old. 😀

What you see here is, data-wise, the tip of the iceberg. Beneath the surface, we’re scanning thousands of pages and trying to ‘scrape’ a gazillion web pages as we try to create a broad picture of life at Sea-Tac Airport. And I’ve done a mediocre job of managing my job, leaving lots of aspects of this web site half-baked. I often forget that I’m no spring chicken and I just can’t get done as much as I think I can.

Enough whining: the whole point of this site is information. That means current events and history. As I so often gas on about, we are like those Italians in the Fifteenth Century who re-discovered so much important information which had been lost for a thousand years.

Every time we have one of these airport expansions, we have fallen all over ourselves to deal with it. But once it’s past, we then promptly forget all about it. And that means we lose a ton of precious information from the prior expansion.

The purpose of this site is two-fold:

First, we want to convince you that this history matters. We want to convince you that knowledge is power and that without a good knowledge of how we keep playing the same movie over and over again, we will never be able to break this cycle of failure and win.

Second, we want to tell you that this forgetting is not your fault. Your government, at every level, from City (especially City) up to the Federal Level wants to forget. They have no interest in anything except expanding the airport–which is why they always use the phrase “Moving forward”. Forgetting makes it much easier for them to have their way. Because if you don’t know about something that happened, it may as well have never have happened. Something you don’t know about cannot help you. For example: just trying to find information about the 3rd Runway is surprisingly difficult. And that was only fifteen years ago!

Our goal is to prevent this cycle of forgetting so that this time is different. This time we win.

So please , keep checking in and do let us know what you’re looking for (and what you’re having trouble finding).

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