Burien Resolution No. 407 Addressing Noise Pollution Generated By Sea-Tac Airport


Section 1. The Washington State Legislature r
epeal RCW 53.54.020 and add language requiring the Airport to initiate a new Part 150 Study immediately; furthermore, whenever future projections of Airport operations used for planning are exceeded by 10% that a new Part 150 Study be initiated, including accurate monitoring of noise and emissions to lead to effective and aggressive mitigation.2 Chapter 53.54.020 RCW enacted in 19843 Chapter 53.54.030 (3) RCW enacted in 1985 4 There are no federal grant funds currently identified to support this offering.5 Chapter 53.54.030 (5) RCW enacted in 1993 6 Based upon this new development at FAA, SFO (San Francisco Airport) is now offering a “Replacement and Second Chance Noise Insulation” initiative.
– 3 – R:/CC/AAA Resolutions/Res407

Section 2. Members of Washington State’s Congressional Delegation add language in federal statutes (14 CFR Part 150 as amended) to substitute DNL metrics consistent with WHO standards; furthermore, that the AEDT components be amended to consider additional decibels that result when noise is propagated over bodies of water.

Section 3. The WA State Legislature repeal Chapter 53.54.030 (5) RCW that limits homeowners to “one-time only” participation for mitigation and add language that authorizes a Sound Insulation Replacement Program operated by the Airport and styled after the SFO program; and further amend Chapter 53.54.030(3) RCW that limits avigation easements to the duration, or “shelf-life,” projected for new and replacement acoustical products.

Section 4. T he Washington State Legislature repeal Chapter 53.54.030 (3) RCW that requires homeowners to waive all damages and convey an easement into perpetuity, yet still accept all “noise and noise associated conditions therewith.”

Section 5. The Airport aggressively seek noise mitigation funding to mitigate impacts from increased Airport operations and their impacts on qualified7 residences in the City.