START Meeting

Article Summary:

SeaTac City Hall, Council Chambers
4800 S 188th St. SeaTac

Meeting Objectives:
To confirm next steps based on the work of the Aviation Noise Working Group. To hear and discuss Federal
Congressional efforts related to airports and airport communities. To propose and discuss an additional
Working Group.

Meeting Agenda
6:00 pm Welcome Lance Lyttle, Sea-Tac Airport Managing Director;
• Member Introductions StART members
• Opening comments Lance Lyttle

6:10 pm Facilitator’s Update Phyllis Shulman

6:15 pm Federal Congressional Briefing – Fernando Ruiz, Legislative Assistant,
Aviation Issues U.S. Representative Adam Smith;
Lyndall Bervar, District Representative,
U.S. Representative Adam Smith
• Discussion StART Members

6:45 pm Proposal for Additional Work Lance Lyttle, Sea-Tac Airport Managing Director
• Discussion StART Members

7:15 pm Aviation Noise Working Group Stan Shepherd, Airport Noise Programs Manager,
Briefing and Discussion Port of Seattle; Vince Mestre, Consultant
• Report Out on Work Plan
• Discussion StART Members
• Next Steps Lance Lyttle, Sea-Tac Airport Managing Director

7:45pm Public Comment Public

7:55 pm Meeting Wrap Up Lance Lyttle & StART Members
• Closing Comments

Next Meeting: January 23, 2019 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm, Location TBD