Port Of Seattle Special Meeting

Article Summary:

We strongly encourage you to attend the next Port Commission Meeting, which is a Special meeting. And by ‘attend’ and don’t just mean make a comment and split. I mean study the memos and stay for the presentations on the mitigations on 3 mitigation areas, which total over $100 million dollars as this will give us insights into how this process works.

In preparation, we will be posting a LOT of materials on the Port’s Maritime business and history over at http://seatacnoise.info. I always encourage people to bone up on the Maritime side of the Port’s biz for a few reasons:
1. The Maritime biz is vast. It dwarfs aviation. It has been and continues to be filthy in a way that aviation can’t begin to touch.
2. And yet, the Port has made some real progress on that side of the house. Despite making almost none with aviation.
3. A lot of the Maritime progress comes began with former CEO Yoshitani, the only true environmentalist the Port has ever had. Unfortunately, he was also a bit corrupt so he had to go. (another thing to know about the Port is that corruption has been an ongoing problem in leadership, but I digress.)

My point: Study the Maritime biz… at least a little. Ask if we can help in any way. The Port isn’t as intractable as they seem when it comes to aviation. Perhaps a way in may be found on the other side of the house.

As always: Do your own research.

Parking is free, Free, FREE! 😀

Sea-Tac Airport Conference Center.