KKR Semi-annual Airport Law Digest January 2019


No. 29. According to their site: This is a summary of the important developments in airport law in 2018, including: a list of principal cases decided last year; new FAA rules, policies, and guidance; and reports, studies, and articles of particular interest to airport legal professionals. The most significant change to the airport law landscape in 2018 came with the passage and enactment of the most recent FAA Reauthorization Act.

They say that “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.” Well, read this and get a little dangerous and possibly thoroughly confused. Gaining an understanding of Sea-Tac Airport means learning a certain amount about aviation law and there’s simply no “For Dummies” recipe book to walk you through it. But digests like this do afford you the chance to gain a curated overview of what is currently going on and that can help get you up to speed a whole lot faster.