UW MOV-UP: Mobile ObserVations of Ultrafine Particles Study

Article Summary:

The Mobile ObserVations of Ultrafine Particles (MOV-UP) Study is a two-year project, funded by the State of Washington, which aims to study air quality impacts of air traffic for communities located near, and below the flight paths of the SeaTac airport. The study will assess ultrafine PM concentrations within 10 miles of the airport in the directions of aircraft flight. Furthermore, the study will attempt to distinguish between aircraft and other sources of ultrafine PM, and compare levels of ultrafine PM in areas impacted by high volumes of air traffic with those that are not impacted.

The research team will coordinate with local governments and solicit feedback from community members. This website will keep the public informed on the progress of the study. A Study Advisory Group made up of representatives from government agencies, cities, and community organizations will advise the study design and methods. Study progress will be presented public meetings to obtain feedback from a broader set of aircraft-related air quality stakeholders.

A final report documenting the findings of the study will be prepared by December 2019.

Study Advisory Group
Various governmental agency, city, and community organization representatives were invited by the Dean of the School of Public Health to serve as members on a Study Advisory Group. The group includes representatives from the following organizations:

Puget Sound Clean Air Agency
US EPA Region X
WA State Department of Ecology
Public Health of Seattle & King County
Port of Seattle
FAA Northwest Mountain Region
WA State Department of Health
Quiet and Healthy Skies Task Force
Beacon Hill CHAC
WA State Department of Commerce
City of Burien
City of Des Moines
City of SeaTac
City of Tukwila
City of Normandy Park
Congressman Adam Smith
WA State House of Representatives, Mike Pellicciotti
WA State House of Representatives, Tina Orwall
US House of Representatives, Pramila Jayapal

The group will meet at key points during the study to:

Provide feedback on study design and methods.
Provide feedback on study preliminary findings.
Provide feedback on draft study report.