Regional Commission on Airport Affairs (RCAA)

Article Summary:

The Regional Commission on Airport Affairs is a citizens’ group in the greater Seattle, Washington, metropolitan area. Our primary focus is to

Protect our communities from the impacts
of expansion at Sea-Tac Airport

  • We pledge our best efforts to compel the Airport to obey the environmental rules that are supposed to govern the construction of the third-runway embankment. Construction work & ordinary operations at the Airport continue to contaminate the streams that flow from its campus through neighboring communities & into Puget Sound, in violation of the permits that supposedly protect us. Safe, clean water is a vital concern to the communities near the Airport.

  • Trucks bringing fill to the runway embankment are a clear & well-documented safety hazard. They are conspicuously speeding, tailgating, clogging intersections, running yellow and red lights, and operating far above legal maximum weights, with loads that are not secure. Safety on the roads is critical.

  • There is nothing being planned to deal with the new noise that will be felt under the flight path for the third runway (if it is completed). Planning for noise mitigation is needed NOW, especially for the schools that will experience major overflight noise for the first time.

  • Property values continue to be hammered by the Airport; a new runway flight path will make a bad situation worse. This issue needs to be addressed soon, & responsibly.