Highline Forum

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Host –City of SeaTac

Theme: 2020 Legislative Session and Shared Agendas

January 22, 2020–Wednesday -2:30 pm to 4:30 pm

SeaTac CityHall4800 S. 188thStreet, SeaTac

2:30pmConveneMeeting/IntroductionsHighline Forum Co-ChairCommissioner Felleman

2:35pmPublic CommentsAudience

2:50pmHost City Update: City of SeaTacCity of SeaTacrepresentative

3:10pm2020 State Legislative AgendasAll

3:55pmStART UpdatesTom FagerstromEric SchinfeldLance LyttlePort of Seattle

4:15pmEmerging IssuesAll

4:25pmHighline Forum Administrative IssuesAll•2020 MeetingHosts (May27)•Community Co-Chair Selection (Mar 25)

4:30pmAdjourn Next Meeting: Mar. 25, TBDHighline Forum Co-ChairsTheme: TBD