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This provides a portal for several frequently asked questions about noise complaints.

This is the Port Of Seattle Noise Office. Call them at (206) 787-6793 to make a Noise Complaint: You have to register a phone number in order to get into their database, but once you do, it’s a fairly quick process. is a popular phone ‘app’ and website which makes it extremely easy to register noise complaints:


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  1. Hello Sea-Tac Noise Department,

    I’m a senior citizen considering a move to two areas not far from Sea-Tac.

    The first area is in Edgewood/Milton: 1202 Taylor St.

    The second area is: 5510 99th St Ct E., Puyallup
    The address says East Puyallup but some maps say Lakewood.

    Can you please send me Sea-Tac flight-path maps over these two areas that are easy to read?

    Also, please tell me the general aircraft elevation over these two areas?

    Finally, have you received complaints about aircraft noise fom people in these two areas?

    I enjoy viewing aircraft from far away. But I have an ear condition that hurts when the noise is closer and loud. Thank you!

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