Center Runway Reconstruction

The Port of Seattle completed reconstruction of the center runway (designated as 16C/34C) at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in 2015. The runway was originally built in 1969 and had some brief closures during 2016 in order to complete adjoining projects with taxiways and blast pads. The project included installation of a new LED runway lighting system and an

Why Is Sea-Tac Airport Shaped Like a Boomerang?

Donnelly, Devlin July 15, 2019 Did you know that the Sea-Tac Airport terminal is shaped somewhat like a boomerang? Want to know why? It isn’t just because of the obvious aesthetic appeal of the shape, or as a subtle reminder to make sure people keep coming back! The reason dates to the original configuration of

Why Can’t We Have A Curfew?

Blame it on one very simple Federal law: ANCA , the Airport Noise And Capacity Act Of 1990. I keep trying to write a brief history of how all airport law regarding noise and pollution got subsumed from where it was (the EPA) into the FAA, but all people seem to really care about these

I-1631 (Balletopedia)

A State Initiative to charge a carbon tax on fossil fuels. Although it exempts both commercial marine and commercial jet fuels (bad) we nevertheless support this measure. If passed, the law affords large grant opportunities to heavily impacted communities. We expect that these grants will be highly competitive. It will therefore be necessary for airport

Washington State Legislature House Bill 1171

Companion Senate Bill 5225 Sponsored by Des Moines Representative Tina Orwall and Federal Way Representative Mikie Pelliccioti. Directing the completion of a study of certain environmental impacts, including ultrafine particulate emissions, associated with aircraft traffic in areas impacted by airport operations.

Highline Historical Society

A great general resource for information on all the airport communities. Unfortunately, much of the press coverage of previous airport expansions has not been digitized. So this is the best (and only) place to find newspaper articles going back decades. 196390-A 28th Ave. S. SeaTac, WA 98188