…Except For The City Of SeaTac (Mea Culpa)

In my last post I made an error of fact so egregious that it demands not just a quick ‘We regret the error’ but an actual post of its own. Well… sort of. I wrote “Except for Burien, no electeds sit on any of those Airport Committees.” Well of course, that was just plain wrong–as

Sibling Rivalry

Last night the Burien City Council passed the four resolutions created by their Airport Committee. We’ve discussed them a bit before and likely will do so again as they are well-crafted and cover most of the main issues that all the sister-cities will need to address if the region is to successfully confront the Port

Make A Difference In 2019

People who read our posts tend to be more wonky than most. But this is the first in a series of posts for the silent majority; which is to say the overwhelming number of people who are ostensibly following one of the Quiet Skies groups but are thoroughly confused as to what they can do