A Letter To Michael Matthias re. Port Packages

Dear Michael, My public comment last night re. the Port Packages was hardly rhetorical. There are two points I wish to make that I think matter. First is that there are a ton of people in this town with failing Port Packages. I’ve compiled a list of over 150 I’ve personally visited–and that’s with no

Port Package Problems?

Over the past thirty years roughly 9,400 homes have received noise mitigation retro-fits from the Port Of Seattle in the form of windows and insulation. These are generally known as ‘Port Packages’ and were granted in exchange for the homeowner signing an Avigation Easement. Background The eligibility for a Port Package was determined by a

Well that’s a relief! SB5370

TVW Video (1:45:00) Just a quick note to give followers a bit of the sausage making in those whole boring process of SB5370. One nice thing about State business is that even the Executive Sessions are available on video. Ironically, this is one of their arguments against having full transparency of all documents. At the

What’s Not To Like? HB1683

So I was back in Olympia last Thursday, this time at the House Transportation Committee to comment on HB1683, the companion to SB5370 which we talked about last time. TVW Video House Transportation Committee Feb 7 3:30PM (HB1683 begins @ 43:00) I made my feeble comments along with Des Moines City Councilor Traci Buxton and

Our Co-dependent Love Affair SB5370

TVW Video (Discussion & Comments 40:00) Have you ever been in a relationship that you knew was bad for you? And not just you, I mean for both of you? But for any number of reasons, you just keep slugging it out, year after year. You (or they) keep telling yourself all the reasons it’s

…Except For The City Of SeaTac (Mea Culpa)

In my last post I made an error of fact so egregious that it demands not just a quick ‘We regret the error’ but an actual post of its own. Well… sort of. I wrote “Except for Burien, no electeds sit on any of those Airport Committees.” Well of course, that was just plain wrong–as

Sibling Rivalry

Last night the Burien City Council passed the four resolutions created by their Airport Committee. We’ve discussed them a bit before and likely will do so again as they are well-crafted and cover most of the main issues that all the sister-cities will need to address if the region is to successfully confront the Port

It’s not about the policy.

…It’s about getting the work done. —Joe Scorcio. As tortured as those two sentences sounded (at least to my ear), I think I knew  what the former City Manager of SeaTac meant at today’s Port Of Seattle Commission Meeting. There are many, many flaws in the StART process, but I have to agree with the