Welcome. This site attempts to give residents of Seatac, Des Moines, Burien, Tukwila, Federal Way and South Seattle the resources to help you in the fight to reduce the noise and pollution created by Sea-Tac Airport. The site consists attempts to provide a clearinghouse for information, people and organizations to contact.

The site name is something of a misnomer. For obvious reasons, most people and advocacy groups focus on the noise problems of airports. However, it is not just the ‘noise’. The pollution generated by airports is at least as important an issue that needs to be addressed. Taken together, they constitute an existential threat to the health, wealth and general well-being of our communities.

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Some History

This project began after I made a request of the Port Of Seattle to get cumulative reports on the data they collect from their flight tracking and noise monitors. I was surprised to learn that residents could only obtain data on individual flights during take off or landing. There was literally no way to see how many flights were going over a particular neighbourhood or at what altitude. So I built the reports you see on the home page.

I then realized that there was no single place where people could go to look up the information I had learned in my efforts at protest. So I added the Resources and Protest pages to provide a central repository of places, events, history, people and technical information that people would need to arm themselves in the fight to reduce noise and pollution from Sea-Tac Airport.